The Influence of Calibration and Treatments with Fungicide Topsin 70 Pu on Germination and Strength of Maize Seeds in Maine Hybrids Cultivated in Transilvania, Romania

Todoran Firu?a Camelia, Teodora Florian, C. V. Florian


The paper deals with a study on the influence of seed calibration and treatment with product Topsin 70 PU (PU-powder wet) on germination and seed strength at main hybrids cultivated in Transilvania. By determening in laboratry of germination and cold-test, it is being followed the obtainence of strength indices on basis of which one can appreciate the behaviour of maize seeds in filed when it meets sub-optimal germination conditions, respectively low temperatures and excess humidity. The biological material taken into consideration in the study was created by SDCA Turda (Agricultural Research and Development Station Turda city), from hybrids seen in production and having potential, respectively: Turda 201, Turda 200 and Turda 165. The results obtained in experimental years 2007-2008, show us that the treatment of seeds with Topsin raises with differences worth taking into consideration the values of energy and of germinative faculty at most experimental calibres, and the cold test as the most representative indicator of seed strength at maize seeds appreciated through the percentage of vigurous germs is determined in most parts by the cultivated hybrid and by the seed calibre.


maize, calibre, treatment, germination and strength

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