Research on CO2 Emissions from Peat Bog "Valea Morii”, Cluj County

P?curar I., Doina Clapa, M. ?andor, Sonia Sân?, Anca ?otropa, M. Dunca, M. Buta


The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from soil is produced almost entirely by plant root respiration and microbial decomposition of organic matter. The amount of carbon released by peat bogs (histosol) depends on the interaction between the quantity of water in the bogs and organic carbon produced and consumed, which also depends on the chemical nature of the various plants found there. In peat bog "Valea Morii”, Cluj County, the rate of carbon emissions registered average is 7.04 g/m2/h, the amount of CO2 varying according to the layer depth but registering higher values than those of the mineral substrate.


peat, peat bog, CO2 emissions

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