Peat Quality from C?l??ele, the County of Cluj

?otropa Anca, M. Buta, I. P?curar, Antonia Odagiu, C. Iederan


The C?l??ele village is known since the past as a center of peat exploitation, commonly used to improve the nutritional characteristics of substrates for the production of growing vegetables and flowers or cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants in containers, due to its hydro-physical and agrochemical traits, high porosity, high water absorption capacity (700 - 800%), and high ion exchange capacity. The peat exploitation from C?l??ele contains blond oligotrophic peat, composed of plant debris, especially muscle (Sphagnum and Eryophorum) in different stages of decomposition and contains a quantity of organic matter of approximately 84%; the carbon quantity varies between 32 and 55.44 % according to depth, and nitrogen values were in the range 3.1 to 4.155%. Peat has an average ratio of carbon and nitrogen of 15 and an average P2O5content equivalent to 0.27%.


peat, organic matter, chemical composition of peat

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