Constraints in Management of Protected Areas (Case Study: Buila - Vânturari?a National Park)

Muntean L., R. Mih?iescu, F. Stoican, C. Malo?, N. Baciu, V. Arghiu?, Tania Mih?iescu, Gh. Ro?ian, Andreea Pop


This study offers a general perspective on conservation status and socio-economic constraints in Buila-Vânturari?a National Park. Buila-Vânturari?a National Park (BVNP) is a protected area established in 2004. The park is also a protected area in the European Union, as part of the Network European Ecological Natura 2000 (as Site of Community Interest: ROSCI0015 Buila - Vânturari?a, and Special Protected Area: Cozia-Buila-Vânturari?a ROSPA0025). Buffer zone of the park is a fragile area where economic development of Bistri?a limestone quarry needs to respect the conservation of environmental components. From a legal perspective, the park buffer zone does not allow economic activities which are destructive to the environment. The main constraint remains the overlapping of the southern limit of BVNP and Natura 2000 sites over the operational perimeter of the quarry Bistri?a (area of about 16 ha) and access roads to the top of the quarry. The opening activity in the top of the quarry is important for regional socio-economic context (chemical industry). An environmental impact assessment was applied for quarry which is placed very close to the park. The problems of current and future constraints need to be carefully identified and quantified in protected areas of Romania, as do the root causes and effects of these constraints.


constraints, protected area, national park, environmental impact assessment

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