Estimation of Performance Characteristics for Standardized Analysis Methods in a Testing Laboratory

Mariana Omotă, Liana Zăhărescu, Călin Neamţu


Testing laboratories take appropriate measures to demonstrate their qualification and competence. In this regard, an essential concern is to estimate the performance characteristics of used methods, so that to make sure that the goal of analytical methods used is achieved, the analytical results being obtained with an acceptable level of uncertainty. The paper described how to estimate some of the performance parameters of analysis methods of wastewater and surface water. Experimental data obtained in Wastewater Treatment Plant Cluj-Napoca Laboratory are presented for the following performance characteristics: selectivity, robustness, comparison of a measurement result with the certified value, the applicability area (test of linearity, homogeneity test), calibration and characteristics of the method.


uncertainty, analytical methods, estimation, wastewater

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