Natural Biopolymers - Raw Material Source in Achievment of Biodegradable Packages, in Order to Protect the Environment

Maria Paul, Oana Cadar, Sergiu Cadar, Mircea Chintoanu, Nicolae Cioica, Maria Fenesan, Ana Balea, Violeta Pascalau


The polymeric materials are widely used in the modern society because they are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy to process. The polymeric materials made from natural biopolymers such as polysaccharides (such as starch and cellulose) proteins, agricultural products in general, may be biodegradable and can play a significant role in solving environmental problems posed by the use of polymeric materials.An essential demand for the biodegradation of polymers is the aerobic composting, carried out in a controlled temperature, humidity and with sttiring, using an installation for measuring the carbon dioxide.The obtained results in the aerobic biodegradation of supply packaging material type biopolymer, in controlled composting conditions, have been encouraging.


polymeric materials, corn starch, aerobic composting, methods

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