Investment Programmes in Environmental Infrastructure Elaborated by the Ministry of Environment and Water Management (MMGA). A Case Study: Municipal Waste Transfer Station from Zlatna Town, County of Alba

Ioan Brașovean, Ioan Gheorghe Oroian, Cristian Iederan, Constantin Mihai Oroian, Andrei Fleșeriu, Petru Burduhos, Cristina Moroșan


According to GD 349/2005 classifies the landfill depending on the nature of the waste and MAPM Order nr.95/2005, stability acceptance criteria and procedures for storage and disposal of waste accepted in the national list for each class of deposit waste transfer station can be classified as temporary storage for hazardous waste.
In the town of Zlatna waste management within the funding program "Rehabilitation of Small and PSC Zlatna hot" worth 53 million euros, being one of the seven investment objectives: (rehabilitation of the sewerage system, sewage system rehabilitation, ecological industrial zone , etc.).
Existing work in the waste transfer station in the town of Zlatna, Alba County, according to STAS 4273/83 are included in the class of importance 4. The activity of the Department of Sanitation Zlatna Zlatna the Hall, is: pre-collection, collection, transport and sorting, containment of municipal waste generated within Zlatna City and adjoining villages.
To be organized activity of collecting 21 points as plaforme waste with a total area of 1012 sqm. These collection points are located throughout the city adiministrativ Zlatna. Transfer stations are established in order to reduce transport costs compared to using several vehicles through which waste would be transported directly from the collection areas indicated for treatment or disposal facility.


waste management, environmental protection, transfer station, recycling

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