Profitability in Grapes Production - Feteasca Regală Variety - in Conventional and Nonconventional System

Anamaria Vâtcă, Constantin Mihai Oroian, Sorin Vâtcă, Georgeta Oroian


In each economic agent efficiency expresses the need for of existing production factors to be used in conditions of economic rationality, which means that the economy as a whole needs to ensure compliance with increasingly limited resources unlimited. In the present study is presented in terms of economic efficiency of producing grapes Fetească Regala conventional and unconventional system. In the unconventional system, the main economic indicators were calculated for eight variants that differ by the type of fungicide applied, and the conventional system for three variants. It showed that unconventional system is more profitable than conventional, resulting in profit rates over 80% compared to the conventional system where that vary between 23% and 52%. We emphasize that any business should determine the effectiveness and superior quality, satisfying the principle of rationality applied in the present tense and the future, ensuring future efficiency assumptions.


profitability, grapes, conventional, and nonconventional system

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