Study of Interactions between the Factors Affecting the Moniliosis Attack Degree on Plum Cultures from Călacea Area, County of Sălaj

Marius Stana, Viorel Florian, Ioan Gheorghe Oroian


Moniliosis is one of the most important diseases occur in plum culture. Because of this, the present study address them in terms of interaction of several factors (fertility - variety - the degree of attack) in plum fruits, applying multiple regression analysis. The experiment was conducted over three years: 2007, 2008 and 2009, using varieties: Stanley, Tuleu timpuriu, Anna Spath şi Gras ameliorat in conditions of application of three foliar fertilizers and 10 fungicides treatment. Multiple very strong (0.999 to 0.893) positive correlations were obtained between analyzed varieties, fertilization and treatment in all experimental years. According to the regression line, the application of fungicides had as consequence, in all cases, the attack reducing. In all studied varieties a moderate correlation of these in conditions of fertilization - treatment with those recorded in terms of fertilization in the absence of treatment, but with different degrees of dispersion.


foliar fertilizers, malady, Monilinia spp., Polystigma rubrum

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