Study Concerning Cattle Rearing Management in Climatic Conditions of the County of Vâlcea

Adrian Pintea, Emilian Merce


The evolution of the cattle effectives and dairy production in the county of Vâlcea, in context of livestock effectives and their productions in Romania during 2001 – 2006, was the aim of our study. The raw data were collected from the Romanian Statistical Annuary and from the documents of the Council of the County of Vâlcea, and they were procesed with STATISTICA v.6.0 programme. Our study demonstrates that the evolution of the cattle effective had not
a linear tendency, at national level, but in the county of Vâlcea the situation differs, a constant increasing evolution
being reported for the entire studied period, 2001 - 2006. The average milk production by head had clear fluctuations, in
the county of Vâlcea, while the average production at national level constantly increased, but the dairy production
performances reported by the county of Vâlcea are bigger compared to the value of the same production at national


cattle, dairy production, trend, livestock

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