The Characteristics of Low-Input Grasslands

Anca Bogdan, Florin Păcurar, Amailia Albuş, Iancu Pintea, Laura Dale, Adriana Morea, Anamaria Ciure, Laura Ignat, Zamfira Dincă, Rada Brăilă


Several studies show that the global interest in health and human nutrition is continually growing. A continuous change includes also the food production systems. There are more and more papers that connect the value of agricultural production and food production system, papers that show a particular interes on the high value of products that are produced in low input agricultural systems. On grassland canopy, these systems have a high diversity of floristic species. At European level, this concept has been extrapolated also to the farms, being a major concern regarding the quantification of inputs, aspect pursued along this paper.


biodiversity, Apuseni Mountains, low - input, traditional management

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