Reserach Regarding the External Morphology of Diabrotica Virgifera Virgifera Le Conte, Western Corn Root Worm

Teodora Florian, Ion Oltean, Horia Bunescu, Constantin Vasile Florian, Mircea Varga


To establish strategies to combat diseases and pests in a agroecosistem, it should be made primarily a correct
diagnosis and identification of all pests and to make an accurate assessment of their economic significance. In
determining the phytophagous insect species are used in their recognition some characters related to external
morphology. Identification is the more accurate the more is made a corroboration of these characters, seen in all stages
of development. Often in the field simultaneously meet several developmental stages of the pest
Research conducted to date and published in foreign and domestic literature, indicates the existence of gender
dimorphism in the adult stage. Body color is considered an essential criterion to distinguish males from females. Sexual
dimorphism elements are presented also at the level of antennae. Antennae in both sexes consist of 11 articles, but
males are longer than females.


pest, western corn root worm, corn, external morphology

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