Chromium, Cadmium and Iron From Drinking (Tap) Water versus Bottled Water. Case Study Cluj-Napoca City

Ildiko Martonoș, Diana Allina Pop, Cristina Roșu


Water is a vital substance for humanity. Because of the growing world population and several other factors have been reached that less people to benefit of drinking water. This problem could be improved by increasing the production of water, a better distribution, and saving the existing resources. In recent years the consumption of carbonated mineral water, has increased dramatically, together with flat water, soft drinks etc..., replacing the tap water, whose quality has declined or that people no longer trust this.
In this study, we investigated the contents of cadmium, chromium and iron and some principal parameters of water such as pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity etc., primarily to track the influence of the distribution system on these parameters.
Were investigated 11 samples of tap water from the distribution system of Cluj-Napoca city and five of the most used flat bottled water from the retail market in Romania.

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