Research Regarding the Connection Between the Productivity of the Resort and the Rendzic Soils in Trascau Mountains

Manuela Barbura, Ioan Păcurar, Anca Leonora Șotropa


The Trascau Mountains are an extension to the north-east of the Metaliferi Mountains. They have a very
complex petrographical structure, represented by basalts, crystalline schists, sandstones, limestones, crystalline limestones, gneisses, dacites etc. All these have determined the formation of a very diverse relief (ridges, volcanic hills, abrupts, ravines, caves) and thus a very diverse soil covering. Four rendzic soil profiles were assessed and analyzed, found in the forest area of Trascau Mountains. Because of the extremely diverse microrelief conditions in the territory, most of the soils are skeletal, with low and medium edafic volume, some even superficial. The forest resorts in this area have at best a medium production capacity, because of the relief conditions and the skeletal soils.


ridges, volcanic hills, abrupts, ravines, caves, rendzic soil, Trascau Mountains

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