Types of Forestry Stations Identified in Cusma Site – Călimani Mountains

Mihai Gliga, Ioan Pacurar, Doina Clapa


The paper emphasizes aspects concerning the types of forestry stations from Cusma Site, BistriŃa – Năsăud. Within the
Cusma Site ”Nature 2000” was stated the regimen of natural protected area on 44,636 ha area, of which 64.56% is
occupied by forests (28,946 ha). In order to identify the share of the forestry stations within the Cusma Site, three basic
units (BU) totalizing 10,831.20 ha, were selected for our study, namely: Piatra Mare BU, Dealul Negru BU and
DumitriŃa BU. The type of the forestry stations predominant in studied area is Mixed mountain, Pm, moderate edaphic
districambosoil with Asperula - Dentaria - (3332) that occupies important areas in all three basic units, 50% of Piatra
Mare BU area, 55% of Dealul Negru BU area, and 42% of DumitriŃa BU, respectively. The second predominant station
type is Mountain – pre-mountain beechwoods Pm, moderate edaphic districambosoil, with Asperula Dentaria (4420),
which occupies 36% of DumitriŃa BU area and 19% of Dealul Negru BU area.


forest, eutricambosoil, districambosoil, prepodzol

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