Preliminary Study Regarding the Quality Status of Soil Resources in a Rural Environment

Voșgan Zorica, Roxana Vidican, Anca Domuța


The problems of soil degradation and soil destruction are caused by the different forms of land use. In recent decades this problem poses a threat to agricultural production and terrestrial ecosystem. In the present study we examined soil morphology and soil physical and chemical properties of some meadow sites in Surdesti village (North-West Region, Romania). The existence of a soil having evident acidifying tendency due to the grazing process was noted. This fact generates a slowing down of the organic mater decomposition. Cation exchange capacity, sum of exchangeable bases and base saturation of soils are reduced. On the basis of morphological and physicochemical analysis, taking some remedial measures of the soil quality is aimed.


Şurdeşti village, soil morphology, acidification, base saturation

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