Testing RAPD for Emphasizing Differences between two Romanian Allium sativum L. Varieties

Antonia Odagiu, Ioan Gheorghe Oroian, Laura PAULETTE, Daniela BORDEA, Manuela MáŽRZA, Cristian IEDERAN, Cristian MÄ‚LINAȘ


Lots of medical studies demonstrate since old times that Allium sativum L. has preventive and medicinal attributes, and
it can be used as successful curative agent and food supplement. This context reveals the importance of the accurate
knowledge of the specific garlic varieties. This study aims to supply a way to differentiate two Romanian Allium
sativum L. varieties using molecular biology techniques (RAPD). Sibișel and de Cenad garlic varieties were used, and
molecular analyse was conducted in Laboratory of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine
Cluj - Napoca. The implementation of RAPD technique for identification of different Allium sativum L. varieties was
successful, and two RAPD primers, P5-5’d(CAC-TGG-CCC-A)3’ and P7-5’d(TGG-TCG-GGT-G)3’, are identified as
suitable to be used in Allium sativum L. genotype analyze.


molecular techniques, primers, RT - PCR, electrophoresis

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