Soils Inventory of Cluj Napoca as Background Study for Different Use

Laura PAULETTE, Ioan Gheorghe OROIAN, Mihai BUTA, Antonia ODAGIU, Horia CACOVEAN


Development Strategy of Cluj-Napoca city imposes to establish directions, priorities and regulations for spatial
and urban development. Rational and balanced use of land necessary for urban functions can only be based on a study
of soil conditions justifying optimum land use categories. Soil survey of city appears as a necessity due to the changes
by editing the new Romanian System of Soil Taxonomy RSST-2003 and to determine the use and suitability of land
categories. As a result of soil survey have identified 12 genetic soil types belonging to classes Protisols, Luvisols,
Cernisols, Hidrisols, Slasodisols, Histisols and Antrisols. Soil survey allowed the development of hazards maps induced
by soil degradation of land, on which settled areas to build temporary or permanent ban.


soils, use, soil degradation, temporary and permanent building ban

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