Study on Bâlea and CălÅ£un Glaciar Lakes, from Făgăraș Mountains

Andreea Ioana POP, Radu MIHÄ‚IESCU, Tania MIHÄ‚IESCU, Edward MUNTEAN, Claudiu TÄ‚NÄ‚SELIA, Cristian MALOȘ, Marius George OPREA, Alexandru OZUNU


Glacial mountain lakes represent a small percentage of total surface of Romanian territory and they must be
studied to establish reference conditions, accordingly to Water Framework Directive, for the lowland, more polluted
lakes, or to examine ecological processes in areas sheltered by the effects of the direct anthropogenic disturbances, such
as local pollution or land use change. Due to the presence of fresh water resources, and suitable camping places, the
environmental impacts of tourist fluxes, in mountain areas, is concentrated in the vicinity of the mountain lakes. This
study describes the water quality of two glacial lakes


glacial mountain lakes, Bâlea Lake, CălÅ£un Lake, water quality, Făgăraș Mountain

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