Marine Strategy Framework Directive - a step towards holistic approach in water management

Radu MIHÄ‚IESCU, Tania MIHÄ‚IESCU, Edward MUNTEAN, Nicoleta Muntean


The deterioration of the marine environment has become evident all over the world and European waters are no
exception. Therefore in the last few years the European Union has been engaged in an effort to develop a marine
strategy to protect the marine environment and a more encompassing integrated maritime policy that would provide a
comprehensive system for the management of the uses of the marine areas of Europe. The EU Marine Strategy
Framework Directive (2008/56/EG, MSFD) provides a regulatory framework for the management of the impacts of a
variety of human activities on the EU’s marine waters. The MSFD introduces the notion of “good environmental statusâ€
ronment and constitutes a framework for the sustainable use of the marine environment in order to ensure its continued
use by current and future generations. The effective protection of the marine resource base is indeed a precondition for
achieving sustainable wealth and generating employment, at a time when the EU is seeking to reinvigorate its economy.
It will also enhance the quality of life in the European Union.


Marine Strategy Framework Directive, good environmental status, water management, strategy

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