Water Consumption in Romanian Agriculture

Corina Adriana Dobocan, Daniela Popescu, Vasile Topa


Increasing crop irrigation efficiency in order refinement of the productive potential of the soil and plants, is considering solving technological problems related to the structure and crop rotation, tillage, fertilization of crops, drinking water, irrigation system and technique irrigation. Thus, the objectives of the research over time include: determination of crop water consumption, determining the optimum irrigation and technical elements of watering methods etc. We conducted a study on water consumption for irrigation main crops in Romania, in the following sectors: fruits and vegetables, field crops, industrial crops and medicinal and aromatic and medicinal plants. This calculation does not include water consumed in the fight against crop pests. The study was conducted to raise awareness on high consumption of water and how responsible consumption given that this resource is finite, it is not inexhaustible. For this purpose, the study subject of this work opens new horizons in terms of development by specialists of modern methods of irrigation of crops with lower water consumption as well.


water consumption, field crops, irrigation

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