The system for the collection of packaging waste of pesticide residues

Petru Burduhos, Ioan Brasovean, Ioan Oroian, Bianca Bordeanu, Rafael Cristian Marian, Cristian Malinas, Adrian Milasan


Starting with the year 2007, the packages from the plant protection products (PPP) may be taught free of
charge by farmers to escape - the system for the collection of the packs of pesticides of AIPROM. The system is, from 2007, a solution devoted for the collection of packages from of plant protection products.
To manufacturers, importers, traders and distributors of products utiliate in plant protection must be provided for GO 41/2007, obligation to recover empty packaging from farmers,
Users of ppp obligation to perform the operation of triple-rinsing of the packaging at the time your use of the product, and return of packages so pancakes from his suppliers.
He currently has active centers for the collection at the national level, organised on the premises of deposits of the leading distributors of ppp, where schools are held twice a year, campaigns for the collection directly at the site of farms, which have more than 30 cubic meters of packaging.
The acquisition of packages shall be made free of charge, subject to compliance with the rules for taking over this system, or packages of plastic and metal must be decontaminated by triple-rinse, to be dry, clean, and to have separate covers, and packages of paper, bags or boxes, must be cleaned and compacted.


collecting, packaging waste, pesticides

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