Monitoring of the Quality of the Drinking Water from the WTP Gilau, Obtained from the Surface Water in 2012

Claudia Silvia Moșneag, Violeta Popescu, Călin Neamțu


The scope of the present study is the evaluation of water quality of the surface water from the TarniÅ£a Lake, the Warm Someș Lake and the Gilău Lake and the drinking water resulted from the treatment station, based on a set of specific parameters as a first assessment of the implementation of the Directive 98/83/EC. It was made a monitoring of the main parameters analyzed from the three Lakes and the values were compared to the one obtained after water treatment, in the course of 2012. The results reveal that turbidity and total hardness are below the maximum contaminant level (MCL). The concentration of iron, sulfate, magnezium, calcium, nitrate, nitrite, and ammonium was also measured, showing that the water supplies for Gilau Water Treatment Plant contain small quantities of inorganic impurities. Microbiological analysis (total Coliforms, fecal Coliforms, fecal Enterococci, Clostridium perfringens) were also determined.


drinking water, surface water, TarniÅ£a Lake, Warm Someș Lake, Gilău Lake.

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