Local Resources Used in the Manufacturing of Sustainable Building Materials

Nicoleta Cobîrzan, Claudiu Aciu, Anca Andreea Balog


The energy efficiency of the buildings and environment protection are considered to be the most important factors in obtaining a sustainable development of the entire our society. One step to assure these objectives is to exploit the local natural resources in manufacturing of new buildings materials which has low cost, low embodied energy and improved thermal insulation properties. In this respect the paper present five new mortar recipes, using the local zeolitic volcanic tuff, from Macicas quarry (north-west of Cluj - Napoca city) used in different percentage (30%, 50%, 80%), as a substitute of the Portland cement. The mortar samples has been analysed and comparated from mechanical (compressive and flexural strength) and physical (apparent density, real volume, compactness and porosity) point of view showing the differences between them, cost and embodied energy.


local resources, embodied energy, volcanic tuff, building materials, sustainability.

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