Changes Content of the Nitrogen Forms and Urease Activity in the Ecological, Conventional and Integrated Farming Systems

Teresa MEYSNER, Lech Wojciech SZAJDAK


Soils originated from the long-term arable plots at the Experimental Station of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Osiny near Puławy, Poland. Winter wheat was a plant in which investigations were carried out throughout the crop rotations. The experimental units include three types of farming systems: ecological, conventional and integrated. The experiments with application of generically different organic fertilizers, crop rotations, tillage, kind and doses of plant pesticides made it difficult for us to analyze the results. Our investigations indicate the effects of ecological system, namely the increase of urease activity, accumulation of total nitrogen, organic carbon and decrease in concentration of ammonium and nitrate ions compared with a conventional and integrated system.


farming systems, urease activity, nitrogen forms.

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