Effect of Tillage and Cultivar on Winter Oilseed Rape (Brassica Napus L.) Yield and Economic Efficiency in Suceava Plateau

Gheorghe CHIRIAC, Lucian RAUS, Irina Gabriela COROI, Daniel Costel GALES, Gerard JITAREANU


The influence of 3 tillage treatments (moldboard plough - MT, chisel - CT, disc-harrow - DT) and 50 rapeseed cultivars (41 hybrids and 9 open-pollinated varieties) was assessed within a 2-year study that was carried out on a cambic phaeozem (RSTS-2003) in Suceava Agricultural Research and Development Station for highlighting farmer oriented crop management options regarding tillage and rapeseed cultivar. MT>CT>DT in terms of yield for the entire period, and all pairwise comparisons showed significant (p≤0.05) differences between treatments. The differences among cultivars of the same seed company were insignificant (p≤0.05). Despite having the highest costs, MT remained the most efficient tillage option in Suceava Plateau when compared with both minimum tillage treatments.


tillage, cultivar, yield, economic.

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