Comparative Analysis of Distribution Devices Used for Precision Sowing Machines

Ovidiu RANTA, Ioan DROCAȘ, Sorin STÄ‚NILÄ‚, Adrian MOLNAR, Mircea MUNTEAN, Ovidiu MARIAN


In this paper, we analyze and compare the experimental results obtained in field trials with two types of distribution devices used in precision sowing machines. The experiments were performed for no-tillage technology in field conditions and the key parameters analyzed were sowing accuracy and number of seeds, the average depth of sowing and accidentally maximum deviation. The studies were made for corn crop and the seeds had the same dimensional characteristics for the two types of try-outs. Also we analyzed the cutting crop residues and extent of emergence for each distribution device. The main quality indexes of the seeds placement in the soil were analysed using a sowing machine equipped with classic chain drive system and a machine equipped with the E-drive drive system.


precision seeding, indici de calitate la semanat direct, no-tillage technology.

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