Quantitative Estimates of Sediment Deposited

Andrei POP, Marcel DáŽRJA, Adela HOBLE, Tudor SÄ‚LÄ‚GEAN


Soil (ground) is for people amid social and economic activities, natural resource invaluable, the most precious wealth of a nation. From this point of view, Romania has a great wealth, especially given balanced structure planning: third area of forests, meadows third of hills, orchards and vineyards and third lowland land where farming takes place. Preventing soil erosion requires measures imposed by climatic characteristics of the area and socio-economic status, medium and long term actions to improve the situation of soil, which can then be combined nationwide to save and to ensure rational use and exploitation and sustainable land it holds Romania, regardless of land ownership.


surface erosion, soil, rainfall, run-on, runoff, simulated rains.

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