Adequat Integrated Control of Wheat Pests in No-tillage Conservative System

Dana MALSCHI, Adina Daniela IVAȘ, Mircea IGNEA, Felicia CHEÅ¢AN, Cornel CHEÅ¢AN


Elaborated in 2007-2012, at Agricultural Research-Development Station Turda, the paper entitled „Adequat integrated control of wheat pests in no tillage conservative systemâ€, presents research on integrated pest management in winter wheat crops in relation to increased pest abundance and attack, on the agro-ecological changes and adequated no tillage system technology, in Transylvania. The spring months of the last years were characterized by an increased warming and dryness periods, causing the pest abundance and damages growth on wheat, in Transylvania. Were pointed out major outbreaks of attack of thrips (Haplothrips tritici); wheat flies (Chloropidae: Oscinella frit, Meromyza nigriventris, Elachiptera cornuta etc. and Anthomyidae: Delia coarctata, Phorbia securis, Ph. penicillifera); stem flea beetles (Chaetocnema aridula); bugs (Eurygaster maura, Aelia acuminata), leafhoppers (Javesella pellucida, Psammotettix alienus, Macrosteles laevis), aphids (Sitobion avenae, Schizaphis graminum, Rhopalosiphum padi, Metopolophium dirhodum) etc. Entomological study on the integrated control of wheat pests has been carried out under two different cultural soil technologies: classical (by plowing) and conservative (by minimum soil tillage and no tillage), in open field agroecosystems with antierosional terraces. The research results prouved the importance of insecticide applications in two different moments: end of tillering phase and ear emergence, in open field with classical soil technology. Also, IPM research pointed out the importance of biological control, using the entomophagous natural resources. The integrated pests management (IPM) is a major section of soil no tillage technologies comprising a special pest control strategy, with insecticides application in 2-3 succesive treatments, entomophagous conservation and use, environmental protection.


wheat pests, integrated pest control, soil no tillage technology.

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