The Influence of Mulch Types upon Fruits Composition of Ten Strawberry Genotypes

Delia Florentina POP (Boca), Viorel MITRE, Simina Laura BALCÄ‚U, Tincuța Marta GOCAN


The influence of mulch types (agro-textile, black polyethylene and straw vetch) on the chemical composition of ‘Alba’, ‘Kimberly’, ‘Korona’, ‘Elliany’, ‘Elsanta’, ‘Vima Zanta’, ‘Viktoriana’ ‘Virena’, ‘Vima Xima’, ‘Premial’ strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) fruit was evaluated. Vitamin C level were higher in ’Kimberly’, while ’Virena’ had a higher soluble solids content. Fruit grown on black polyethylene had lower soluble solids content than did those grown on agro-textile mulches. The highest percent in dry weight was registered by ‘Virena’ (11.39%) cultivar and the lowest by ‘Viktoriana’ (16.79%). ‘Elianny’ (121 mg/100 g SP) cultivar were found to be richest in total sugar and ‘Viktoriana’ (86.67 mg/100 g SP) the lowest. There were significant mulch x cultivar interactions in fruit content of vitamin C and soluble solids. The highest vitamic C content were found in agro-textile mulched plots of Kimberly and the lowest was on the same mulch but a different cultivar ’Vima Zanta’. Soluble solids content were higher on cultivar ’Vima Xima’ mulched on black polyethylene and the lowest was on straw vetch mulched plots of ‘Korona’ cultivar. The highest percent of dry weight were obtained by cultivar ‘Virena’ on agro-textile mulch (17.60%) and the lowest percent cultivar ‘Viktoriana’ on black polyethylene mulch (10.62%). The best results were obtained by ‘Virena’ cultivar mulched with agro-textile (151.98 mg/100 g SP) and the lowest by ‘Viktorioana’ cultivar mulched on black polyethylene (76.25 mg/100 g SP).


agro-textile, black polyethylene, cultivar, strawberry, straw-vetch.

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