Analysis of Heavy Metals from a Polluted Site in Order to Rehabilitate It. A Case Study on the Zlatna Area

Cosmina Simona BÄ‚BUÅ¢, Valer MICLE, Adrian Florin POTRA, Andreea COSTE (BáŽNÄ‚)


The present paper has as main objective the study of heavy metals from a Romanian industrial contaminated site. The soil samples were subjected to chemical analysis in order to determine concentrations of nutrients and metals as: Pb, Zn and Cd depending on the sampling depth. As a result the metals tend to migrate in depth and they revealed an exceeding of the intervention limits used for sensitive soils to 28, 8 and 90 times for Cd, Zn, and respectively Pb. Also the amount of K and P decreased with increasing sampling depth. As a result of data obtained it was concluded that the need of a method for site remediation is essential if it is wanted to use this type of soil in agriculture


heavy metals, mining pollution, remediation, contaminated site.

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