Investigation of the Polluted Soil in the Area of the Industrial Waste Storage Facility, Apahida - Cluj

Dana Mioara BODA, Valer MICLE, Ioana Nicoleta POP, Dorina POP


Due to the extremely dangerous effects of heavy metals on the soil and implicitly on people’s health, it is necessary to make a correct investigation and evaluation, in order to offer optimal solutions for the removal of pollutants, according to the legislation in force. The hereby paper presents the soil investigation method and its results. The study has been carried out on the site of the industrial waste storage facility, located in the unincorporated area of Apahida, Cluj County. The results obtained indicate that the pollution of the soil with heavy metals (Pb - lead, Ni - nickel, Mn - manganese) reaches 2.5 m in depth, due to the storage of waste produced in the metallurgic industry activities carried out at County level. Beginning with these measurements, it has been established that a rehabilitation of the area is required, by partially revaluating the waste, clearing the land affected by the waste storage and restoring the land for use or integration in the landscape.


investigation, polluted soil, heavy metals, rehabilitation, revaluation.

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