WEEE Management in Maramureș County and the Framework for a Better Implementation of EU Policies

Irina SMICAL, Antoanela POPOVICI, Gabriela Emilia POPIÅ¢A


This paper approaches the environmentally and healthly potential risk caused by e-waste and the importance of their efective management as a solution for pollution diminishing. More than hundreds of hazardous substances and tens of rare and valuable chemical elements are indentified in WEEEs. Thus, this kind of waste represents not only a dangerous environmentally factor but also an important secondary raws for various industries.The WEEEs management run in Maramures County is still developing in order to reach the collecting target imposed by european legislation. In this context, the involved factors focuss their attention not only on collecting process but also on assuring the proper conditions for e-waste secure storage and treatment. The treatment stage is very vulnerable because during its procedures the hazardous substances could release most easily.In order to improve the actual e-waste in Maramures County a lot of rules and strategies should be applied. The study proposes a local startegy, based on EU legislative provisions, for increasing the collection ratio of WEEE, especially on rural communities.


WEEE, hazardous substances, waste management, contamination, risk

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