Ornamental Plants Used for Improvement of Living, Working and Studying Spaces Microclimate

Erzsebet BUTA, Maria CANTOR, Valentin SINGUREANU, Anca HUSTI, Denisa HORÅ¢, Mihai BUTA


There are a high number of indoor ornamental plants that can purify the air in living spaces. These plants acts as micro filters and removes some toxic substances emanated by various building materials, heating system, air conditioning system, but also from different indoor accessories. Numerous studies in this area show that employees in offices without plants can suffer various allergies, irritations, hypersensitivity, asthma, drowsiness, and eye problems. Also, it is known that the presence of plants can positively affect mood and health of employees. Based on the literature review, this article presents the most effective ornamental plants with direct action on improving the air from indoors.


indoor plants, indoor design, benefits, quality of life.

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