Implementing Meta-models in Analyzing Possibility of Controlling Phytophtora infestans Mont de Bary Attack Degree in Potato

Cristian MÄ‚LINAȘ, Ioan Gheorghe OROIAN, Antonia ODAGIU, Ioan BRAȘOVEAN


Ourdays, the use of meta-models in analyze of potato pathogens control became more and more used. Lots of studies approach this issue as instrument for preventing when possible, and reduce the importance of late blight attack in potato. The aim of study is to implement the tools of meta-models in order to establish a mathematically based relationship between the climatic conditions specific to the county of Cluj and intensity of the Phytophtora infestans Mont. de Bary attack degree in different conditions of fertilization and treatments.The research was carried on during April - September 2013 in a 500 m2 field, with argic chernozem soil, located in a private potato farm from Top village, county of Cluj. Temperature, rainfall regimen were monitored using a meteorological station placed on the field, while attack degree was noted by field observations. Fertilization was performed with both mineral (NPK) and organic fertilizers (compost), and treatments with conventional (Infinito 687.5 SC from Bayer) and unconventional products (Bordeaux Mixture). Nine experimental variants were used. The statistical data processing was performed with STATISTICA 7.0 v. programme. Within specific climatic conditions of the county of Cluj, best results were obtained when organic fertilization and Bordeaux Mixture were used. In these conditions, the lowest attack degree (AD% = 1.39%) was reported. The biggest Phytophtora infestans Mont. de Bary attack degree, 9.18%, respectively, was reported for the variant that benefit of organic fertilization and treated with Infinito 687.5 SC fungicide. The multiregression analyze demonstrates that treatment with Bordeaux Mixture has influence in possibility of predicting the Phytophtora infestans Mont. de Bary attack degree upon potato cultures, function of temperature and rainfall regimen in climatic conditions of the county of Cluj, while fertilization variant may be neglected.


Phytophtora infestans Mont. de Bary, regression line, ANOVA

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