Association and Cooperation in Agriculture, Sustainable Development Way of the Rural Space in Romania

Anamaria Vá‚TCÄ‚, Felix ARION, Sorin Vá‚TCÄ‚, Ancuța ROTARU


Analyzing the current situation of the agriculture in Romania, we can observe a fragmentation of the landed property, so that, the subsistence and the semi-subsistence farms hold 60% of the total agricultural areas utilized (13.2 million ha of agricultural land), and the commercial farms 40%. Concerning the number of farms, out of 3.856 thousand farms, 99.2% are subsistence and semi-subsistence and 0.8% is commercial farms. The current situation is unfavourable to agriculture development and rural default. This call for an accelerated association and cooperation process, leading to increased competitiveness by capitalizing agricultural products on the market corresponding qualitatively and quantitatively, and also the production adjustment to market requirements can be significantly accelerated.


agricultural cooperatives, farms, agricultural legislation, the average surface.

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