Usability of Volcanic Tuffs in Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater

Gheorghe STETCA, Adriana MOREA, Anamaria POP, Adriana OPINCARIU


In the NW area of Romania  ( Salaj )  are approved technologies prepare the volcanic tuff  ( zeolites )  to Mirșid for
use in: waste water treatment, animal feed, improving soil pH. In this area there have been researches on determining possible use of volcanic tuff that load on biofilters for wastewater treatment.In this context were prepared tuff aprons ø: 30-40 mm, 40 - 60 mm, 60 - 120 mm and 120-240 mm with Ï = 2.4gcmc, an apparent Ï = 1.6g/cmc, a breaking strength by clearing > 360 daN/cp, a shock resistance > 17 daN/ cp and a bulk Ï = 0.7 T/m.


volcanic tuff, biofilter, animal feed, waste water treatment.

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