Effects of Different Levels of Sunflower Oil in Diets on Growth Rate, Carcass Traits and Meat Composition Relationship in Growing Rabbit



Abstract. The researches were performed on three growing (14 weeks aged) rabbit groups fed by different levels of vegetal (sunflower) oil enriched diets: two experimental groups (5 capita each) were fed by 5.5% and 6.6%, respectively, sun flower oil supplemented diets, vs. 2.4% vegetal oil content in a control group diet. The experimental feeding lasted 28 days. Before and at the end of the experimental feeding period the rabbits were weighted and the weight gain was calculated. At the end of the experimental feeding period the rabbits were slaughtered. Then, carcasses were analyzed for dressing percentage, dissectible fat, meat/bone ratio and meat pH evolution from slaughter to the next 24 hours. The meat was analized for its composition: fat, protein, dry matter and ash. The results showed that feeding the rabbits by sun flower oil enriched diets for three weeks led to an increase of the weight gain (P=0.0353), the increase seeming to be proportional to the supplementation level. Dressing percentage and meat/bone ratio showed an improvement in the supplemented rabbits. Dissectible fat of carcass was found significantly higher in supplemented rabbits vs. control (P=0.0226). Fat content and dry matter of the meat were found higher also in experimental treated groups vs. control (P=0.0323 and P=0.0454, respectively), while protein content was found in lower percentage. Ultimate pH was found lower in experimental groups and some sensory traits of the meat were found improved. In conclusion, feeding the growing rabbits by different level sunflower oil enriched diets could imporve growth rate, carcass traits ans some meat sensory traits, due to an increase of carcass dissectible fat and an increase of the meat fat content.


vegetal oil enriched diets, carcass traits, meat composition, rabbits

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:10224

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