Statistical inferences regarding the genetic determinism of the embryo-fetal losses

Dana Liana PUSTA, Rodica SOBOLU, Ioana POP


The purpose of this study is to examine the way in which embryonic mortality and fetal abortions are inherited from mother to offspring.  The regression method of offspring on dam was used in order to measure the genetic and environmental relationships among considered characters. The results point that the abortion rate is higher in cows which have already had abortions during their lives. The one-way Anova analysis shows the existence of influence from breeding males as well. In the case of embryonic mortality, a strong genetic determinism (h2=0.43) was obtained, while in the case of fetal abortions there was found a low genetic determinism (h2=0.35). Heritability was estimated starting from the regression of offspring on parents. Statistic data were obtained using R-statistics soft.


embryonic mortality, fetal abortion, inheritance, regression method, R-statistics soft

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