Glomerular and Tubular Markers in Dogs with Chronic Kidney Failure and Healthy Control Dogs

Anton RUSENOV, Dimitrinka ZAPRYANOVA, Nikolina RUSENOVA, Alexander ATANASOFF, Veselin IVANOV


The study aimed to examine the changes in two glomerular markers (uALB, uCRP), as well three tubular markers (uGGT, uALP, and uLDH) in dogs with Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF) and to compare the changes to healthy control dogs. Fourteen dogs with CKF of different age, breed and sex were included in the study as well 10 healthy control dogs. The diagnosis was based on physical examination and laboratory findings. Urinary ALB/Cr was significantly higher in CKF dogs than in healthy control dogs. No significant increase in urinary LDH/Cr, uGGT/Cr and uAF/Cr was found in CKF dogs than in healthy control dogs. No significant difference was detected for uCRP, which was not detectable in control dogs and only in 4 of the CKF dogs. The studied glomerular marker (uALB) in dogs with CKF was significantly increased compared to healthy control dogs. Urinary CRP, uLDH, uGGT and uAF cannot be reliable indicators for CKF in dogs.


chronic kidney failure, dogs, glomerular markers, tubular markers

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