Influence of VitaSil® additive to carp fish natural immune factors

Tsvetoslav KOYNARSKI, Alexander ATANASOV, Lilyan SOTIROV


Common carp is one of the most important commercially produced fish all around the globe. Even not essential to fish, pro-nutrients could benefit animals’ health in many ways. Key role in stock animals’ protection against pathogens is played by the complement system. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of the feed supplement VitaSil to the two major pathways of complement activation - classical and alternative, in extensively grown carp. The initial level for the Alternative pathway of complement activation (APCA) among both groups was 579.37 CH50. During the first month of treatment both groups showed significant decrease in the levels of this parameter. The obtained values on the 30th day of challenge were 498.05 CH50 for the control and 448.06 CH50 for the treated group. On the 60th day of the trail, the APCA levels of the control group decreased to 417.83 CH50, while the challenged fish exhibited dramatical increase - 801.28 CH50. Obtained results regarding the classical pathway of complement activation (CPCA) were almost identical. The initial value for both groups was about 215.70 CH50. On the 30th day control group showed slightly higher levels compared to the challenged fish - 201.45 CH50 and 199.34 CH50, respectively. On the 60th day experimental carp fish exhibited significantly higher level of complement activity than control group - 229.55 CH50 and 167.91 CH50, respectively. The obtained data for both pathways of complement activation, unambiguously show the immunostimulative effect of VitaSil to carp fish, grown by extensive technology.


Complement system, Cyprinus carpio, VitaSil

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