Morphostructural Characterization of Hassall’s Corpuscles in Lamb

Vasile RUS, Adrian GAL, Flavia RUXANDA, Bianca BOSCA, George NADAS, Cristian RATIU, Viorel MICLAUS


The aim of this study is to assess Hassall’s corpuscles in lamb. Thymus samples were harvested from 10 lambs (3 months old) and histologically processed. From the harvested samples, 5 μm seriated sections were made, stained with Goldner’s trichrome method and examined under light microscope. In the medulla of the thymic lobules there are on average 7-8 highly polymorphic Hassall’s corpuscles. The majority of the corpuscles (80%) have a diameter between 5 and 50 μm, 15% between 50 and 100 μm and only 5% have a diameter of over 100 μm. Only 20-25% among them have a typical „onion-like†structure, 40-45% present different keratinization degrees and 3-5% are cavitary corpuscles, containing degenerated cell fragments. Hassall’s corpuscles in lamb are numerous and highly polymorphic.


Hassall’s corpuscle; lamb; polymorphism

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