An Experimental Model for Inducing Periodontal Pathology in Rat: Histopathological and Enzymatic Aspects

Bianca BOSCA, Aranka ILEA, Alina Simona ȘOVREA, Anne Marie CONSTANTIN, Flavia RUXANDA, Vasile RUS, Cristian RATIU, Viorel MICLAUS


In our study, we induced periodontal pathology in rats by repetitive acute lesions to the gingival epithelium. In order to assess the evolution of the periodontal pathology, we recorded the clinical and histopathological aspects of the gingiva, and Matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) levels in serum and saliva at baseline and during the inflammation progression. According to our findings, this experimental model was consistent with the periodontal disease in humans and could be used to test the efficiency and safety of novel therapies prior to their application in patients.

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