Proportional Representation and Structure of Tunicae in Large Arteries in Rabbit

Dalma CSIBI, Viorel MICLAUS, Cristian MARTONOS, Cristian DEZDROBITU, Vasile RUS, Flavia RUXANDA, Aurel DAMIAN


Large arteries from 2 rabbits were processed in order to make histological investigations, using two staining techniques: Goldner’s Trichrome and Verhoeff. We noticed that the proportion of the three arterial tunicae modifies as they get farther away from the heart. The changes appear in tunica media, which gradually decreases, and tunica adventitia, which gradually increases. Structurally, we observed that the first arterial segments are typical elastic arteries (pulmonary trunk, ascending aorts, aortic arch and thoracic descending aorta), the next are transitional arteries (abdominal descending aorta, subclavian arteries, carotids), and the iliac arteries are typical muscular arteries.

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