Influence of the Hepatoprotector on Production Performance in Fattening Pigs - Research Results and Perspectives

Teodora Aleksandar VASILJEVIC, Istvan SOMODI, Nenad STOJANAC, Radoslav DOSEN, Dusan LALOSEVIC, Zdravko TOMIC, Zarko AVRAMOV


Commercial, industrial pig production requires from manufacturer, to produce a large number of fatteningpigs per sow per year, with most rational business, smaller losses in all production stages, greater growth andachievement the desired ô€inal weight in the shortest possible time. To make production economically viable in theconditions present on most domestic commercial pig farms with regard to the accommodation and environmentalconditions, the present technology and health status is important to allow such animal nutrition that will satisfy thenutritional and health requirements and allow the animals adequately respond to the physiological burdensomeconditions of intensive production in the body and exert maximum existing genetic potential in farm conditions.In our study conducted on a large commercial farm, inclusion hepatoprotective preparation based on ô€lavonoidsfrom plant extracts and phosphoryl choline chloride as an feed additives several signiô€icant improvements inproduction are realized: reducing mortality, increased weight gain in fattening the higher meat yield in a shortertime and to improve health status of fattening pigs conô€irmed through lower losses (deaths and forced to slaughter.In the study followed the production parameters, metabolic proô€iles of the test animals, the clinical observation ofinternal organs on the slaughter and histopathological examination of a sample of 90 fattening pigs. Based on theseresults we consider that the introduction of hepatoprotective preparation as a supplement in animal feed is fullyjustiô€ied and that further research in this direction can bring great beneô€its to domestic producers of pigs.

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