Rocuronium Use in Anaesthetics Protocol in Canine Patients with Orthopedic Disease

Cristian Paul POPOVICI, Mircea MIRCEAN, Iuliu SCURTU, Ciprian OBER, Cosmin PESTEAN, Bogdan SEVASTRE, Liviu OANA


In modern veterinary medicine, like in human medicine all major surgery procedures must be performed under balanced anaesthesia. This protocol contained substances that insure: neurovegetativ protection, analgesia, miorelaxation, hypnosis. Rocuronium represent a nondepolarizing agent, intermediate acting ( 60-120 seconds), with relative long effects ( 40-90 minutes), and with the posibility of effect reversal ( agents-Sugammadex).  The aim of this study was monitorization of clinical, haematological and biochemical parameters perioperative in dogs scheduled for orthopedic procedures. This study was performed on five canine patients (different breed, with age between 4 months to 11 years), scheduled for femoral had resection procedure. In this dogs balanced anaesthesia was performed: induction with propofol to effect, maintained with sevoflurane 2.5%; analgesic component: fentanyl 3μg/kg b.w.-bolus followed by CRI 5 μg/kg b.w./min, the neuromuscular blocking agent was represented by rocuronium 0.4 mg/kg b.w. Haematological analysis were performed with Abacus Junior Vet 3 diff analyzer, biochemical parameters with UV-VIS Screen Master Touch Hospitex Diagnostic spectrophotometer, and electrolytes with GEM Premier 2000 analyzer. The majority of biochemical and mineral parameters suffered only small changes, without statistical importance. After the surgery we determined only a slight reduction of erythrocyte number, haemoglobin and PCV, a mild increase of γ-globulin. Regarding the clinical parameters only internal temperatures was modified. We recommend the use of rocuronium in orthopedic procedures for the advantages offered in the surgical act (profound miorelaxation) without any major biochemical, haematological, electrolytes alteration.


canine, orthopedic, rocuronium, general anaesthesia

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