Radiological Investigations of Head Pathology in Dogs

Glad MORAR, Radu LACATUS, Robert Cristian PURDOIU, Ionel PAPUC


Skull radiography is usually indicated for investigation of clinical signs interesting different parts of the head such as trauma, pain, jaw problems, dysphagia, deformity of the sinuses, ear disease and signs of nasal and dental disease. The aim of the study is to identify and use the most relevant radiographic methods and techniques in dogs, capable of providing accurate information for a correct diagnosis regarding the head pathology and showing the importance of radiological investigations in different head injuries. The study was conducted during the period of 2012 - 2014 in the Roentgen Diagnosis Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and a private clinic in Cluj-Napoca considering a number of 100 clinical exams from witch 21 cases needed radiographies. The Roentgen machines used for taking the radiographies were a TEMCO - GR - X model and a Poskom model PXP-40HF using Agfa and Kodak films and an automatic developing machine HU.Q HQ - 350XT. The animals were sedated and the positioning was adjusted according to the area of interest. The working parameters of the Roentgen machines were set according to the size and density of the interested area.

From the 21 cases selected after the clinical exam we found 3 sinusal disease, 2 zygomatic fractures, 1 maxillary fracture, 2 tympanic bullae affections, 3 cranium fractures, 3 nasal bone diseases, 3 dental affections and found 4 foreign bodies. In this study, we have shown the importance of radiological exam regarding head pathology showing simple and fast methods of diagnosing different affections and the limitations of the radiological exam.


skull, head trauma, radiography, dog

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