Alterations in some haematological and biochemical parameters in Egyptian Buffaloes suffering from Traumatic reticuloperitonitis and its sequelae

Ahmed N.F Neamat-allah


Thirty four buffaloes were introduced to Veterinary Clinic at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine suffered from anorexia. Clinical examination revealed stiffness in gait with positive pain reactions. By using ultrasonographic examinations, buffaloes were classified into two groups. The first group was recognized as traumatic reticuloperitonitis (TRP) while the second group was recognized as traumatic pericarditis (TP) while another ten buffaloes used as healthy control. Haematological studies revealed insignificant change in erythogram. Granulocytic leucocytosis, lymphopenia, monocytosis and thrombocytosis in both traumatic groups. Biochemical studies showed hyperglobulinemia, hypoalbuminemia, hyperfibrinogenemia in both traumatic groups. While an increase of cardiac troponin I(cTnI), blood urea nitrogen and activities of alanine and aspartate aminotransferase (ALT &AST) in TP buffaloes with increase in heart rate, distension of the jugular vein and brisket oedema. Without alteration in creatinine level in all groups. So it is concluded that estimation of cTnI could be aid for diagnosis of traumatic pericarditis in buffaloes.


Blood chemistry; Buffaloes; Cardiac makers; Hematology; Pericarditis; Troponin I

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