Comparative Data Concerning the Incidence of Tumors in Dogs in a Period of Ten Years in Athens (Greece) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Adrian Florin Gal, Anna Andriopoulou, Viorel Miclăuș, Flaviu Tăbăran, Marian Taulescu, Andras Nagy, Vasile Rus, Roxana Cora, Raluca Vidrighinescu, Cornel Cătoi


Epidemiological studies in domestic animal populations can deliver useful details concerning the incidence of neoplastic lesions, which may aid in the identification of risk factors. In the proposed study, we considered the incidence and prevalence of tumors in dogs in Voula (a suburb area of Athens, Greece) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania) for a period of 10 years. The obtained data were compared in order to observe the main differences in the suggested regions. The data were collected from the records of Pathology Department (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and a hospital in Voula (a suburb area of Athens, Greece), respectively, in the last decade. Several differences were observed between Voula (Athens) and Cluj regions concerning tumor occurrence. The incidence of mammary gland neoplasm in Cluj County was two times higher compared to the findings from Voula (Athens). Furthermore, the occurrence of skin neoplasms was half in Cluj compared to the records in Greece, where skin neoplasms were the most prevalent tumors. Another difference was the incidence of tumors in the lymphatic system which was very low in Cluj (approximately six times less) than in Voula (Athens). Concerning the highest tumoral prevalence in various dog breeds, the most affected were Mongrel and German shepherd (somehow similar with the results obtained in Cluj County). The incidence of cancer in dog fluctuates according to the investigated area, suggesting that determining environmental risk factors may contribute to the neoplastic lesion development.


cat; dog; incidence; prevalence; tumor

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