Comparative Study Regarding some Reproductive Parameters and Birth Weights in Rusty Tsigaia Breed and in Crossing with Blanc du Massif Central

Ioan Pasca, Adrian Cimpean, Dana Pusta, Attila Mate, Mihai Marian Borzan


The crossings of the Rusty Tsigaia breed with a meat breed, like Blanc du Massif Central, will increase the carcass characteristics of the crossed lambs, so this will correspond to the market demands. The aim of the study was to compare some reproductive parameters between two batches of 50 Rusty Tsigaia ewes (50 of pure breed and 50 crossed with BMC) for fertility, fecundity and prolificacy rate. Also the birth weight of the lambs was evaluated. The research was conducted on a selected flock of 100 Rusty Tsigaia sheep that were divided in two batches: 50 ewes were mated with Rusty Tsigaia rams and 50 ewes were mated with Blanc du Massif Central ram. After lambing, the birth weight was evaluated between the Rusty Tsigaia lambs and the lambs resulted from the crossing with BMC ram. The results were similar between the two batches concerning the conceiving, prolificacy and fecundity rate (Rusty Tsigaia rams x Rusty Tsigaia ewes and Blanc du Massif Central rams and Rusty Tsigaia ewes). Concerning the birth weights, the results showed a significant difference between the pure breed lambs and the crossed lambs, the crossed lambs having a superior weight.


birth weight, Blanc du Massif Central, fertility, fecundity, prolificacy rate, Rusty Tsigaia.

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